Lock Me Now v1.1.1

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Исправлены ресурсы для Ретина-мониторов

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  • TigerCat


    I really love this app, thanx! I wish you good work! :-)


  • Philipp


    Hi, I tried to send this as a feature request, but always got an error after trying to send it, so now I try it here as a comment ;-)

    I used Lock Me Now for a while now so that I could assign easily a keyboard shortcut to locking the screen with the fast user switch lock screen.

    However I use Chrome Remote Desktop now from time to time and noticed, that this way I couldn’t type anything on the lock screen, when I access it remotely. Probably the problem ist, that the user swicth login screen runs under a different user and the remote server that runs under me as a normal user can’t «see» it.

    However I can type on the normal lock screen, but this I always tried to avoid, since it is somehow always linked to a timeout. You could lock the screen via Control+Shift+Eject, but the problem here is that it is always required to have the option activated that you have to enter a password after the screensaver is activated. Since I use a long and complex password (also use filevault) this is annoying when I use a short timeout and it gets insecure when I make this longer and really leave my computer a little longer. So this way I either way have to make compromises and I am not in control to just lock the screen immediately when I just want it.

    The best solution I found so far is locking the screen via the keychain app, where you can do this over a drop down menu shortcut from the menu bar. It really locks the screen also when the option under system settings to require a password after a specific time when the screensaver starts is deactivated. Now I only wish I could do that specific command the keychain app does over a keyboard shortcut. Do you think this could be integrated into Lock Me Now?

    The way to lock the screen via keychain app is shown here:


    I didn’t find a way to do that over terminal command yet, but I found a discussion in a developer forum, where they exchange some code, that maybe does the trick. I never used Xcode and never wrote a piece of code, but maybe you could have a look at this?


    Would be cool, if the way the keychain locks the screen could be integrated, since this is totally independent from the setting where you require a password after the sreensaver starts, and it brings up the normal lock screen instead of the user switch one. This way I could finally lock my Mac with a keyboard shortcut just when I want it to be :-)

    Thanks and greetings!



    • Korich


      hi Philipp,

      Thank you for feedback.

      You can choice a Just Lock type, it’s look like keychain lock.
      Also — Auto Controll ScreenSaver prefs allow you manually controll enable/disable password.

      I’ll try check Chrome Remote Desktop to see how it work.

      Now I develop new version and want add new lock type.


  • Philipp


    Hi, and thanks for writing back!

    Unfortunately the «Just Lock» type does not exactly the same as the keychain app. The «Just Lock» type does more what Control+Shift+Eject and sends the monitor to sleep and the screen is only locked, when under security a password is required when you wake up the screen.

    I noticed the setting in Lock Me Now to «Auto Controll ScreenSaver prefs», however when checked, it seems to just activate the setting under security to require a password after waking up, and this is actually, and this is exactly what I try to avoid.

    The difference is, when I lock the screen via the keychain app with the drop down menu from the menu bar, it sends the monitor to sleep and a password is required, even when the setting to require one under Security in the Control Panel is NOT activated.

    This is great, because this way I can make sure, that I get only asked for my password when I lock the screen this way, but never after the screen saver starts or the screen turns of because of my energy saving settings. Now I only wish, I could lock the screen this way with a keyboard shortcut ;-)

    I hope I could describe the difference well enough and again, would be great, if what the keychain is doing could be added to your app :-)



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